We believe that real change happens on the ground.

- By real people in local communities

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We believe that real change happens on the ground. Our philosophy is that to tackle the current effects of climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and over-consumption, we need to provide targeted support to experts in the field. By supporting organizations and projects that drive change at the local level, we can maximize our impact.


WRLD Foundation was established in 2021 with a mission to support scientific projects, awareness-raising efforts, educational programs, and other charitable undertakings. Through grant-making and fiscal sponsorships, WRLD Foundation supports nonprofit organizations and projects working to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as defined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, or similar future global agendas.

At present, WRLD focus on four of the seventeen goals, namely:

No.6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

No.13 - Climate Action

No.14 - Life Below Water

No.15 - Life On Land

Theory of Change

Our planet faces existential challenges. Over the last fifty years, our negative impact on the environment has increased significantly and severely damaged the foundations of ecosystems. Climate change, biodiversity loss, acidification of the world’s oceans, and toxic pollution are some of the most urgent problems that humanity must solve.

Fortunately, it is not too late to make a difference. However, we must act now and at every level - from local projects to global initiatives. All around the world, people are working hard, day and night, to save our planet. Activists pressuring politicians on policy, people engaging with non-profit organizations, scholars using research to enable change. What unites them is that they’re all making an impact.

Our contribution

At a time when the world needs positive change more than ever, WRLD Foundation seeks to make a meaningful contribution to the planet. We focus on providing grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in locally-rooted projects.

To support our ambition, we utilize modern technology that helps promote transparency between donors and beneficiaries. We believe that supporting international NGOs through digital means is the most efficient way to raise funding for their work while enabling convenient ways for them to report on their progress. Through our approach, we address some of the key challenges facing the charity sector.

Thematic focus

Our focus areas are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We currently put particular emphasis on the SDGs that form the biosphere, namely, Clean Water and Sanitation, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land. These goals encompass two of the most urgent crises facing the planet: climate change and biodiversity loss.

With the biosphere in focus, WRLD Foundation wants to foster and promote high-impact efforts for the environment. By supporting organizations dedicated to solving contextual problems in local communities, we strive to alleviate direct pressures on our ecosystems and deal with the root causes behind their destruction.

The projects we support are based on an understanding of the critical interplay between human well-being and a sustainable environment. Conserving nature has a purpose on its own, but by promoting so-called nature-based solutions, we also contribute to building sustainable societies throughout the world.

Board of Directors

Mark Boutros

Mark Boutros

BOARD PRESIDENT - Mark Boutros is a social strategy globalist with an academic background in international affairs and public health. Mark’s extensive international contacts within the public, private and non-governmental sectors allow him to form creative and lasting partnerships that help brands build platforms that leverage their communication strategies and assets competitively and productively.

Nina Siemiatkowski

Nina Siemiatkowski

FOUNDER/BOARD DIRECTOR - Nina Siemiatkowski is the founder of the impact platform, Milkywire. She brings a wealth of experience from her business background as a former Vice President of Swedish large-cap company and her long-time engagement in philanthropy. She has held multiple board and advisory positions at charity organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Panthera and Rewilding Europe. She is also the founder of the Siematkowski Foundation.

Anna Eliasson Schamis

Anna Eliasson Schamis

BOARD MEMBER - Anna Eliasson Schamis is a fundraising and marketing professional with nearly 20 years of experience in international policy, development and humanitarian issues. She is the managing partner and founder of the Eliasson Group. Previously, Anna served as Vice President of Development and External Relations at the Atlantic Council and has also served as development directors of both the Aspen Institute and Cornell University. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Americas Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She served until recently as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the United States Association for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Meg Tivéus

Meg Tivéus

BOARD MEMBER - Meg Tivéus is an experienced leader who has held high-ranked positions at multiple large organizations in Sweden, including Svenska Spel, the Swedish Postal Service, Åhlens, and Holmen. Her vast knowledge of business has made her a valuable board member. She currently sits on the boards of Swedish Match, Add-wise AB, Blomsterfonden, Arkitektkopia AB, Readly AB Close AB och, Swedish Cultural Heritage. She is also deeply invested in cultural and environmental questions, and is the chair of Swedish Cultural Heritage (Sw. Svenskt Kulturarv), and sits on the boards of Vadstena Academy and Nordic Museum in Stockholm.

Lena M Lindén

Lena M Lindén

BOARD MEMBER - Lena M Lindén, PhD (hc) is a biologist and sits on the boards of several wildlife conservation organizations such as Rewilding Europe, Global Conservation Network, Station Linnaeus and The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry. She is also the former CEO and founder of Nordens Ark, a conservation non-profit organization for captive breeding of endangered species and reintroduction of them when possible. Her efforts to reduce the threat in the wild at the same time introduce a healthy population for reintroduction have paved the way for thousands of mammals and birds to be released back into nature.

Tsiry Endor Rakoto

Tsiry Endor Rakoto

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER - Tsiry Rakoto is the Chief Operating Officer of the WRLD Foundation, overseeing the Foundation's work in grantmaking, compliance, strategic operations, and communications. She brings to the role 13 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, having worked with humanitarian, healthcare, and international development organizations. She comes with a deep knowledge of social justice and systems change, extensive experience in grantmaking, and a commitment to resilience centered approaches to assist communities address issues related to climate change.

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How to apply

We currently offer grant sponsorships to international nonprofit organizations working to meet any of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate Action

Life On Land

Life Below Water

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply, applicant organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered as an NGO or equivalent in their home jurisdiction
  • Have a mission and projects that align with WRLD’s charitable purpose
  • Have locally-rooted projects
  • Not be registered as a public charity in the US, nor have applied for a 501(c)(3) status

Apply now

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